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The “Mint” Cottage

You have heard the saying, "if these walls could talk" and this certainly applies to this little white house. Although it may not look very fancy in the eyes of some people, what it holds inside, and in the hearts of many is priceless. This little house was the summer home to Isiadro Herrera and… Continue reading The “Mint” Cottage

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Save Blue Hill Farms!

I recently received a very heartfelt email from Kim Hamilton, owner of Blue Hill Farms in Ventura, CA.  Kim asked if I would consider sending her the "Expect Miracles" stamp  used on all the mint orders during the struggle to keep the our farm.  She also told me she learned of our "story" through her… Continue reading Save Blue Hill Farms!

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The Trip For Life: The Crosby Mint farm

Many thanks to Aaron Fown for visiting with me at the farm.  I am honored to be a part of the Trip For Life...grounded in the muck we discussed farming, sustainability, and the future as friends.  Crosby Mint Farm and the Trip For Life!

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mucky muck

Muck…I grew on a mint farm whose soil is “muck”.  For those who don’t know what it looks like, check out this picture posted.  We were planting and I must have stepped on something.  But, muck is dark and rich.  And when it’s dry, it slips through your toes and tickles.  When it’s wet it,… Continue reading mucky muck