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The “Mint” Cottage

You have heard the saying, “if these walls could talk” and this certainly applies to this little white house. Although it may not look very fancy in the eyes of some people, what it holds inside, and in the hearts of many is priceless. This little house was the summer home to Isiadro Herrera and his family for many years. When my father purchased this mint farm in 1952, he also inherited Isiadro. What a blessing! The Herrera Family are an important part of the Crosby Mint and are considered family.

As farming practices changed the Herrera family moved out.  I often wonder how that felt to Isiadro? When we built the mint distillery on the farm in 1966, this little house became the still “office”.  This cottage was where the farmers and farmhands ate their lunch, the women served them dinner, and naps were taken between mint loads.  It also became a get-a-way for many on Friday nights; euchre games, monopoly, a few batches of Peppermint Schnapps, a lobster dinners or two, or just maybe a few cold brews before bedtime.  Whatever memory each one holds about this little house, it is always with a smile.  This summer of 2013, I decided to move out of the farmhouse, sell 95% of my material wealth (that makes me laugh) and move into the little cottage for two months before my move to Philly.  A small space with a huge heart. Many thanks to Corey Badgley for his dedication, craft, kindness and vision.

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1 thought on “The “Mint” Cottage”

  1. Very nice. It’s amazing how while reading this article I can go right back to the 60’s. Playing out in the fields and down by the stream. What great memories!
    Hope you had nice holidays. Have you moved to Buffalo yet? Another adventure awaits you there!
    I am planning on having a wonderful, NEW year. 2017 will be the best year so far!

    Karen Mazz

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