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Save Blue Hill Farms!

I recently received a very heartfelt email from Kim Hamilton, owner of Blue Hill Farms in Ventura, CA.  Kim asked if I would consider sending her the “Expect Miracles” stamp  used on all the mint orders during the struggle to keep the our farm.  She also told me she learned of our “story” through her sister who purchased mint oil in support of the Crosby Mint Farm. One of Kim’s plans was to sell the book she wrote to raise money for her farm, and thought the powerful affirmation we adopted would bring forth the miracle she had prayed for. I am now honored to report this stamp of approval can be found inside “The Blue Hill Farms Guide To Raising Chickens”!

You see, all who live at Blue Hill Farms are in danger of losing this place called home!  This farm is the home to Kim Hamilton, many volunteers, 150 chickens, 17 adorable pygmy goats, and their own farmland security, Nikki, the Anatolian Shepard.  The foreclosure process is underway, and eviction is a possibility at the end of October!!  One of my earlier blog posts was titled “The Kindness of Others”. Please search the list below AND your heart to see the possible ways you may want to give. Thank you from our friends at Blue Hill Farms.

with gratitude…

Linette ~ tmfd

1. Donate to Blue Hill Farms!

2. Watch Blue Hill Farms YouTube videos about their animals!

2. Learn more about Kim Hamilton & Blue Hill Farms!

3. Order Kim’s Book Guide To Raising Chickens!

4. Join & share OCCUPY Blue Hill Farms on facebook!

5. Bloggers…please blog!!!  Read Kim Hamilton’s Blog

6. Pass it on & repost!…DONATE to Blue Hill Farm!



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