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Summer of Mint Abundance…

Mojitos and fresh mint. Friends and dancing shoes. Lights and laughter.  Celebration was in the air at the Crosby Mint Farm this summer!  In July, we were host to the Class of ’76 for their 35th class reunion in the Big Barn.  Music filled the barn by Hidden Agenda, a local Classic Rock band. Two weeks later, we held the 1st Annual Expect Miracles Barn Dance to celebrate the 27th Annual Saint Johns Mint Festival.   Friends came to listen to the music of Laura Kennell, Josh Swain, Bruce Ignaowski, Joe Glossop & Blues in the Barn with The Kerry Clark Blues Company. It was magical!

A special thanks to those who gave their labor of love to make this year’s festival a blast!  Gratitude to: Lori Bottorff, Kellie Strouse, Bob (Bing) Crosby, Matt Spicer, Trever Kelly, Dawn Pizzoferrato, David Pizzoferrato, Bethany Sloan, Bill Edney, & Mike (Roja) Cortazar, Mark Smith, Brenda & Roger Miller, Mark Crosby, Tyler Crosby, & Jacob Crosby and my mother, Mary Mazzolini Dunn!

Welcome Home to Tina and Breanna Lopez attending with cousins Tony and Alex Hernandez!  The Volunteer of Year goes to Mike (Roja) Cortazar who drove 600 miles on the red-eye express to here to help all weekend.  The white house is yours, Roja! And to our friends from Ohio and Colorado; Craig Limpach and company and Debbie Archer…thank you ALL for your generous contribution!



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