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Under the Terra Madre Sun… heirloom herb

I  can’t help but compare my life to one year ago. My story has a happy ending, but I continue to share memories from that experience that present the contrast. Last fall after the eviction, I would steal away in the dark to visit the farm.  On full moon, I would often run into my brother Jim and his wife Lilian sitting in the truck on the bridge, talking, or staring over the fields.  We would share smiles (no words needed) and I would wander off to pick the patient sunflowers left behind and visit the pond to embrace what once was ours.  I would sit there and wonder…how can a mere piece of paper (which the bank then held), define stewardship or ownership for the farm?  My heart told me otherwise. That was the difficult issue for me…this land will always be a part of me and the law stated differently.

To escape the pain of this separation, I did two things…I would tell people in conversation, “I am going to Italy!” and I watched the movie “Under The Tuscan Sun” almost every night?  The obvious reply from people was “wonderful Linette, when are going?” And I would say…”well, I don’t know the date yet, but I am going!”   That conversation went on for months.

earth happy

The power of speaking into the future became my reality when Wynne Wright, a professor from MSU, made a visit to the mint booth at the Lansing City Market. After a delightful conversation, she asked me if I would be interested in a possible opportunity to attend the Terra Madre 2010 Conference in Turin, Italy as an US Delegate?  To make a somewhat long story, short  I am boarding a plane for Milan tomorrow.  After a few days of digging around for my Mazzolini-Gregori Italian roots in Tuscany, I will arrive in Turin to meet the friends of Terra Madre!

Sunflower Toes
sunflower feet

After the last viewing of Under The Tuscan Sun with friends, I realized that Frances (Diane Lane) and I have kittens, snakes, & sunflowers in common…along with an abundance of friends, family, and love in our lives.  You will have to watch the movie and stay tuned to find out whether someone shows up to remove lady bugs when I am resting…but according to my conversation and what the Universe delivers, it just may come true.

Terra Madre  2010 is the global conference on everything food, farming, education, sustainability, the goodness of the earth and a story of its people. Meet my new friends and yours of  Terra Madre!

I am blessed and honored with this opportunity…

Ti amo, la mia famiglia e gli amici


ps…extra shouts of gratitude to Wynne Wright for delivering the opportunity, to my cousin Michael for delivering me his copy of Under The Tuscan Sun, to the organizers of Terra Madre 2010, to my son Kevin and daughter-in-law Liz for their support, and to those who will watch over the farm & animals while I am away…PJ, Lilian, Lori, Kellie, Dawn, & David I take you with me!! Ciao!


3 thoughts on “Under the Terra Madre Sun…”

  1. There is an Italian expression, “Amor regge senza legge,” love rules without laws. The Crosby Mint Farm has defied all reason and all logic through a great abundance of love. Love of the land and love for one another. When one door closes we often spend too much time looking at the closed door and not the one open before us. Terra Madre is the new door for the Crosby Mint Farm. Look forward not back.

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