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Sitting in heaven…

From the front room of my great grandfather’s house, I am watching the sun rise over super Walmart this morning.  The price of gas is $2.55.  And as of today, August 1st, there are now 14 days to create possibilities for saving this farm. Sweet music is on the stereo to tame my thoughts.  The walls of this home seem to talk to me and the perfect light of this room comforts me.  My great grandparents lived here, my father and his brothers were raised here. As children, my brothers and I played for hours building with Tinker Toys, Erector Sets, and simple houses made out of decks and decks of playing cards.  Although this home and parcel is not the one in jeopardy, a loss of the Parks Rd farm would end our mint heritage.  Today, I am preparing an email to out to thousands of people to step forward.  These are exciting days and I am actually grateful for this experience.  This is not about saving Peppermint Jim or Linette.  This about creating community, standing up for what is right, and preserving a farm for future generations.

I am playing full court for 14 days.

There is so much gratitude flowing through me for my family, friends, and new friends coming forward to support us. So, if you are reading this, know how I appreciate you in my life.

One of my favorite quotes from Johannes A. Gaertner reads:

“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, To enact gratitude is generous and noble, To live gratitude is to touch heaven”

A room with a view...
A room with a view...

5 thoughts on “Sitting in heaven…”

  1. Linette, A few months ago I originally heard about your farm through a plea on Mary Janes Farm forum. I immediately ordered from you and put a post on the front page of my blog for others to support your efforts. I wish there was more that I could do. But your farm and your heritage are in my prayers and I hope that your farm will not fall into foreclosure.
    Today, as I read your your blog posts, tears flowed as I thought of you being forced to give up your farm and your family’s history.
    I wish you much luck and I will continue to pray!

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful reply…I continue to read it…it’s been over 6 weeks now that the eviction took place. It’s as if losing a loved one. The blessing is that we have oil to sell and we continue to look at new possibilities…please stay tuned and thank you for the continued prayers!

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