mint farm

WILX ~ Crosby Mint Farm

Crosby Mint Farm Foreclosure – WILX Channel 10 News July 20, 2009


1 thought on “WILX ~ Crosby Mint Farm”

  1. I’ve only come recently to the plight of the Crosby Mint Farm, so I’m sure this has been suggested before. But your post about the healing nature of muck brings back some childhood memories and a hatchling of a potential product … every day thousands of Michiganians go to their neighborhood salon or mini spa or day spa for body wraps or facials or pedicure/manicure. Where is Crosby Mint Farm healing mud mask with the good earth of mid-Michigan infused with pure essential mint oil? I’m envisioning a product used in the salons by professionals, and sold in a small packet for a “pick me up” masque between salon visits.
    Also, as Meijer, Spartan Stores, others are emphasizing “grown in Michigan” “made in Michigan”, I’d like to see your mint honey at my local supermarket. I’m glad that I’ll be seeing you soon on Amazon and eBay soon, but I’d like to see you more accessible and local.

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