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mucky muck

plantingaccident_webMuck…I grew on a mint farm whose soil is “muck”.  For those who don’t know what it looks like, check out this picture posted.  We were planting and I must have stepped on something.  But, muck is dark and rich.  And when it’s dry, it slips through your toes and tickles.  When it’s wet it, it grabs you and medicates your feet.  It energizes.   I have walked through the muck in the spring, in the winter, summer and fall.  It always brings a smile to my face just saying the word muck!  I have been thinking of developing a “special” product from just my minty muck travels.   In my mind and imagination, it is a huge success.

But, lately… the phrase “mucky muck” comes to mind instead.  For now, it best describes the financial situation of this farm I love.  We are three months away from losing it all.  By June 1st and no later than July 15th we WILL HAVE to sell JUST (2) barrels of mint oil, which weigh 4oo pounds each in order to redeem the farm back.


1 thought on “mucky muck”

  1. There were many Saturday mornings when I would have rather stayed in bed, as GOD would have it; it was that time of the year when we were reaquainted with our friends thru their MUCK FARMS.
    Side by side with my parents and siblings we worked the fields but the CROSBY FARM was special, I developed a friendship with this family that still exists to this day. JAMES, MARY, DONNY (Not Osmond), MARK, LINETTE (Prettiest little girl you’d ever seen), AND THE BABY.. JIMMY.If I could have saved your farm, I would have, everything happens for a reason we pick up the pieces and move on. A SANSKRIT WORD,NAMASTE: I HONOR THE PLACE IN YOU WHERE WE ARE ALL ONE.

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